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We saw a need for an affordable, easy-to-use ERP for the small to medium-sized manufacturers. Whether you are a multi-location or just one we believe every company deserves to have software that is affordable and modular. There are so many horror stories of companies drowning during or shortly after an ERP install. Some companies take years and millions of dollars and at the end of the implementation, they have a confusing program that doesn’t match their business process.

Our approach is the exact opposite. You will only pay for modules you use or need. We take the time to learn your process and do it on a budget that fits your needs. We believe that software should match your people, culture, and process that has worked for you to get you where you are now.

Experience a new age of intelligence

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Our Process

Step 1. Observation

At IDATP, we believe the keys to a successful project and happy client are gathering requirements and developing a thorough understanding of expectations. Developing a complete understanding of your company and its culture is something that we take very serious. With our process, the decision-makers are informed and briefed on the project status weekly. We strive to give our clients a quality experience that keeps them coming back to us.

Incorporated into this phase is a first-in-class Business Process Review (BPR), where our experts focus on the most important part of every company, its people.

Our experts learn from employees at all levels, seeing the shortcomings and roadblocks that currently exist. This allows us to see the big picture and strategize how best to optimize and maximize every solution to fit your organization.

One of the most important things to remember when a company purchases a new solution is the impact it has on its people. No one likes change or to be taken out of his/her comfort zone. Our process is designed to set your people—your company—up for success. We listen to the employees to gather perspective and understanding of their needs, along with learning and applying the companies’ goals to build a road-map that clearly defines the needed path from the present to the future.

Step 2. Planning

The client is heavily involved in the Planning phase as this phase truly steers the project. Every organization has their own way of getting the job done. Even though we strive to provide you the best solutions the market can offer, no one knows your business better than you and your employees. We aim to tap into this irreplaceable asset with every one of our clients. When we merge our experience with your industry knowledge, we create plans that drive your business to the next level.


During the Planning phase, we process and evaluate the BPR completed in the Observation phase. We review the requirements and needs for the project, carefully thinking through the design and process at a very detailed level. We begin to draft the project charter. The project charter provides a preliminary delineation of roles and responsibilities, outlines the project objectives, identifies the main stakeholders, and defines the authority of the project manager. It serves as a reference of authority for the future of the project. The terms of reference are usually part of the project charter.

Step 3. Design

Once we have clearly defined the requirements and deliverables in the Planning phase, we can now start the Design phase. The Design phase is where we tie our experience, creative skill, and technical knowledge together to build solutions that produce happy clients.


The right solution has to have a natural balance of efficiency, effectiveness, and a user-friendly experience. If you don’t have that balance, you end up with a system that creates headaches either for workers or the managers. To avoid both of these, we keep you involved in our process with visual prototypes (flow charts, screenshots, etc.).


Once the core solution functionality has been agreed upon, the next step in this phase is building a user interface that both excites and encourages your employees to use and embrace the change that is coming. To create this full user experience, we combine our knowledge and experience with our clients’ current branding scheme.

Step 4. Execute

This phase is where you sit back and let us work our magic. In the Execute phase, we do just that; we make all your dreams come true. This phase is where we put Design and Planning into action. Guided by the project charter created in the Planning phase, we begin building the solution, and each deliverable or sign-off milestone brings the project closer to completion.


As a part of this phase, a group of power users from your company will beta test the solution to ensure it is providing the desired result. This testing will be completed alongside our three-phase Quality Assurance (QA) process. Once the power users and stakeholders sign off on the solution, we will move on the next phase of our process: Implementation.

Step 5. Implementation

This step is often underestimated by customers. This step is crucial for success in any project. The solution is only a tool; it can only bring value if the data is populated, the data is accurate, and personnel is trained and comfortable with it.


We work with the end user to customize their own dashboard with the desired functionality required for them to be both efficient and effective. The client will be responsible for determining which groups or individuals have access to the different data areas and types.


Training is the last stage of the Implementation phase. We create customized training videos for our clients to use for their personal reference and to assist in the training process of new employees. We also conduct training sessions in person either through small group instruction or a one-on-one setting…whichever is the best fit for your organization.

Step 6. Support

Every system needs maintenance and support.  Now that you have successfully implemented your new solution it is time to think about protecting it from future security threats and keeping it in compliance. Our support plan is similar to a project charter discussed in the planning phase.  It will lay out responsibilities, your company policies and procedures for updates and other maintenance actives.

We are here to help you grow your business and we understand that how you grow is making smart business decisions that have a high ROI.  We want to help you find that solution.

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